the problem

The problem

No reliable affordable personally tangible all-in website/webshop service

Entrepreneurs want and need a professional website, but time is scarce and they are frustrated with waiting hours or days for support or worry about search engine optimization or website downtime.

Intangible non-personal

Other managed website services are big intangible multinationals, with no personal support and partly error prone and slow solutions, scoring only average with search engine optimization and complex interfaces.


the solution

The solution

The solution

Fast, reliable, and affordable hosting with tangible personal support and an easy to use content management system with a flexible configuration to include extra modules like a webshop

Tangible personal support

real people, customers save time and energy

Fast, reliable & affordable

Good search engine results and no downtime

the easy wwway

  • Easy inline editing - also for more complex e-commerce websites.
  • ​Fixed but flexible layouts that always make it look good, no programming or design skills needed
  • The end user has just enough styling possibilities as needed, no more, no less

future oriented

  • API ready for building apps
  • fast development & new layout creation
  • automated production version generation
  • Secure payments with our partner

by the way ...

We also have a cool app smappers to integrate stylish Google Maps directly with our CMS.
See for example @ 3D|Core


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